Loxley Groups

Summer Semester 2019

Loxley Groups have one purpose:

To Bring People Together

We believe God created us to live in relationship with others. Only then can we love, lead and live the full life He intends for us. Sharing life through community is part of our design, because life is simply better together.

Read through our group offerings for the week, then make sure you sign up for your group below! Just provide your name, number, email and which group you will be attending. We’ll take care of the rest! We can’t wait to see how these groups effect real change in your life!

GROUP: Loxley Kids (K-6th Grade) 

LEADERS: Logan Click/ Group Leaders   (Volunteers Needed) 

DAY/TIME: Sunday 9:30am-10:35am

LOCATION: Loxley Kids Building

DESCRIPTION: Open to children K-6th grade using a ministry curriculum that combines music, small group discussions, video presentations, and creative activities together to reinforce one clear and simple bottom line each week, so kids can walk away and remember what matters most.


GROUP: Loxley Students (Middle School)
LEADER: Kevin Mills

DAY/TIME: Sunday 9:45am- 10:35am 

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance, L202

DESCRIPTION: Open to students grades 6th– 8th grade. This group focuses on spiritual development and discipleship.  


GROUP: Loxley Students (High School)
LEADERS: Steven and Mamie Ryan 

DAY/TIME: Sunday 9:45am- 10:35am 

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance/L203

DESCRIPTION: Open to students grades 9th– 12th grade.  This group focuses on spiritual development and discipleship. 


GROUP: Gospel Foundations (All Ages)
LEADER: Ginger Bailey/ Amy Causey
DAY/TIME: Sunday 9:45am-10:35am
LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance/ L201
CHILDCARE: Yes, in Loxley Kids
DESCRIPTION: From cover to cover, the Bible is the story of God’s plan to redeem sinners through Jesus—the gospel. Gospel Foundations tells that story.  

GROUP: Explore the Bible  (All Ages)
LEADER: Lloyd Pitts 

DAY/TIME: Sunday 9:45am-10:35am 

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance/ L204 

CHILDCARE: Yes, in Loxley Kids 

DESCRIPTION: Explore the Bible is a book-by-book Bible study for groups of all ages that takes participants deep into the context of God’s Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context. 

GROUP: Senior Adult Bible Study (All Ages)
LEADERS: John and Rhetta Huggins 

DAY/TIME: Sunday 9:45am-10:35am 

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance/ L105

CHILDCARE: Yes, in Loxley Kids 

DESCRIPTION: Biblical Study on selected Psalms of David & Letter to the Hebrews


GROUP: Bible Basics (All Ages)
LEADERS: Dee McClantoc 

DAY/TIME: Sunday 9:45am-10:35am 

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance /L102 

CHILDCARE: Yes, in Loxley Kids  

DESCRIPTION: Devotions and Conversations of Various Bible Topics 


GROUP: Sign to Sing (All Ages)
LEADERS: Jennifer Tingler 

DAY/TIME: Sunday 5:30pm   

LOCATION: Ministry Center Gym


DESCRIPTION: Ministry group that uses sign language and motions to worship with various songs


GROUP: Friendship by Kenny Luck (Men All Ages)
LEADERS: Tim Hallford

DAY/TIME: Sunday 6pm 

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance /L102 

COST: $10 workbook 

DESCRIPTION: Friendship: Transform Through Strong Relationships – is an 8 session men’s Bible study by Kenny Luck. God’s Word is clear about the importance of godly friendships — and how God designs them to complete us spiritually. If you ever hope to win the battles you face in your spiritual journey, you must be connected to godly men. The problem is that many men today act as if they don’t need friends — and they’re paying the price. Risking relationships is not easy for men, but it’s non-negotiable for God’s man. When you stand with others who share your spiritual goals, you achieve them faster. That’s God’s way. Godly friendships create consistency, provide care and support, stimulate healthy confession, produce new connections, and make you complete in Christ. They produce positive changes in your character, convictions, conduct, and commitment to do life God’s way.



GROUP: Men’s Basketball  (Men 40+)
LEADER: Earl Hadley 

DAY/TIME: Monday 6pm, Starting Sept 9th 

LOCATION: Ministry Center Gym

DESCRIPTION: Men 40 and older come together for a fun game of basketball.  


GROUP: Healing Is a Choice:

10 Decisions That Will Transform Your Life an 10 Lies That Can Prevent You From Making Them by Stephen Arterburn (All Ages)
LEADER: Anita Green
DAY/TIME: Monday 6:30pm, Starting Sept 9th
LOCATION: Ministry Center Banquet Room
COST: $12.00

The power to heal—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—is in God’s hands. But the choice to be healed is yours. Everyone, at some level, needs healing. You may have prayed for healing many times, for many years. Perhaps you have lived with your brokenness so long that you have become accustomed to it. Maybe you wonder just when God is going to take all the hurt away.

He can. But you also must choose to let the hurt go and let the healing begin.

In this special edition of Healing Is a Choice, author Stephen Arterburn offers a unique combination of book and workbook, outlining ten choices crucial to receiving healing. Embracing these choices means rejecting the lies we often tell ourselves. These are not hoops God requires you to jump through to earn your miracle; they form, instead, the journey He desires for you. He can—and will—walk with you. But you must put one foot in front of the other and choose to let the hurt go and let the healing begin.

GROUP: Prayer Time (All Ages)
LEADER: Pastor Brian Wade 

DAY/TIME: Tuesday 9am 

LOCATION: Sanctuary

DESCRIPTION: This is a time to come together and pray in the sanctuary for specific needs.  A prayer list is provided.  

GROUP: Swipe Right by Levi Lusko  (Girls Ages 15-21)
LEADER: Logan Click
DAY/TIME: Tuesdays 6-8pm, Starting Sept 3rd 
LOCATION: Logan’s Home
COST: $12.00
DESCRIPTION: Relationships are a matter of life-and-death importance.  So how you can train today for the relationship you want tomorrow? In Swipe Right, Levi Lusko shares with raw honesty from his own life experiences and God’s Word how to regret-proof your marriage bed and your deathbed, resist settling for instant pleasure by discovering what your heart really longs for, and learn how to avoid and treat sexual scars by careful living today.  


GROUP: Authentic Love – Bible Study for Guys: Christ, Culture, and the Pursuit of Purity
                      (Boys Ages 15-21)

LEADER: Brady Dutton
DAY/TIME: Monday 6-8pm, Starting Sept 3rd 
LOCATION: Brady’s Home 
COST: $12.00
DESCRIPTION: Speaking directly to the hearts of guys, Authentic Love Bible Study for Guys exposes culture’s distorted messages about purity and love and reveals how God has created us for a lifestyle of personal holiness.  We will examine five attributes of holiness that shape our identity. We will be challenged to reject the self-serving influences of culture and embrace what it means to live as godly young men who reflect the character of Christ.

GROUP: Self- Deliverance Made Simple by Dennis & Dr. Jen Clark (All Ages)
LEADER: Woody Cotton 

DAY/TIME: Wednesdays 10:00-11:30am 


COST: $12

DESCRIPTION: Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark equip you with practical, user-friendly tools for receiving self-deliverance: where you can be set free from bondage and experience spiritual healing right where you are. The devil doesn’t take time off-and neither should you. In Self-Deliverance Made Simple, you’ll learn how to receive freedom, make your life off-limits to evil spirits, and live in the protective stronghold of God’s peace and presence!

GROUP: Loxley Kids University-LKU  (K-6th Grade)
LEADER: Logan Click

DAY/TIME: Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm

LOCATION: Loxley Kids
COST: Purchase of food/drinks from the café are optional but available
DESCRIPTION:  We are so excited to begin our very first session of LKU this fall! Starting September 4, from 6:30p-7:30p, your child has the option to attend a LKU class of their choice, have fun, and learn how to build a relationship with Jesus that lasts!  We can’t wait for LKU!

Sign-ups for LKU will be sent to LK Parents via email.  Please make sure Pastor Logan has your email address. 


GROUP: Loxley Students Service (Middle/High School Students)
LEADER: Kevin Mills

DAY/TIME: Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm

LOCATION: Ministry Center Café and Gym
COST: Purchase of food/drinks from the café are optional but available

DESCRIPTION: Students are taught the Word of God through games, songs, a message and prayer time. 


GROUP:  Loxley College & Career (Ages 18-25) 
LEADERS: Tim and Emme Hobbs

DAY/TIME: Wednesday, 6:30pm-7:30pm

LOCATION: Ministry Center

DESCRIPTION: Open for high school graduates to age 25. This group focuses on real life scenarios and relationships as we grow together in Christ.   


GROUP: Adult Bible Study (All Ages)
LEADER: Pastor Brian Wade

DAY/TIME: Wednesday, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance/ L105

CHILDCARE: Yes, in Loxley Kids 

DESCRIPTION: Teaching and discussion of various topics  


GROUP: Overcomer
LEADER: D Hallford 

DAY/TIME: Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance/ L201  
COST: $10
CHILDCARE: Yes, in Loxley Kids 

DESCRIPTION: The Overcomer Bible Study Book includes content for five sessions, personal study between group sessions, and applicable Scripture.

There are five sessions based on themes from OVERCOMER and include clips from the movie.
Session Topics: Who Are You? You Are Broken.  You Are Chosen. You Surrender. You Declare. 


GROUP: 7 Rings of Marriage
LEADER: Dale & Amy Causey  

DAY/TIME: Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance/ L203  
COST: $15.00
CHILDCARE: Yes, in Loxley Kids 

DESCRIPTION: From the engagement ring to years after the wedding ring, every season of a marriage requires renewed commitment, fresh perspective, and practical Biblical wisdom. Each of the 7 “rings” outlined in this study will teach couples to view their marriage with the end in mind, ultimately leading to a lasting and fulfilling relationship in every stage of marriage.
The 7 Rings include: Engagement RING (The Beginning), Wedding RING (The Commitment), DiscoveRING (The Real You), PerseveRING (The Work), RestoRING (The Fixing), ProspeRING (The Goal), and MentoRING (The Payback). The workbook has personal study segments to complete between group sessions.  Equip yourself to thrive in each new stage of marriage. Dig deeper into Scripture and your marriage relationship alongside other couples—encouraging, supporting, and learning together as a community.

GROUP: Grief Share
LEADER: Carla Hare

DAY/TIME: Thursdays 10am-12pm

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance/ L102  
COST: $15

DESCRIPTION: Grief Share is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.


GROUP: Right and Wrong Mindsets by Joyce Meyer
LEADER: Stephanie Johnson 

DAY/TIME: Thursdays 10am-12pm, Starting October 3rd 

LOCATION: Loxley Groups Building/Merge Point Entrance/ L201  

DESCRIPTION: Do you ever feel stuck, dealing with the same old problems? If so, you may want to ask,
What am I thinking? The truth is your thoughts are powerful, and they are the forerunners for everything else in your life—your words, moods, attitudes and actions. 

In this series, Joyce teaches how to choose healthy mindsets from God’s Word so you can make progress in every season of life. You’ll learn how to:

  • Live with hope and expect God’s goodness each and every day 
  • Let go of past disappointments and live “in the now” 
  • Persevere through difficulties and never give up
  • Build your confidence and see yourself the way God sees you 

GROUP: Survivors (All Ages)
LEADERS: Carol Gardner, PaulaAnn Campbell Buettner

DAY/TIME: Second Thursday of each month at 12pm

LOCATION: Ministry Center Banquet Room 

DESCRIPTION: Survivors is a group of widows and widowers who support one another, share devotions, and offer helpful information to help household management.  We share and care for one another through the good days and not so good days. We also share helpful recommendations for dependable maintenance assistance. Bring a side or dessert to share.    


GROUP: Loxley Senior Adults Monthly Outreach & Fellowship
LEADER: Brian & Lori Wade  

DAY/TIME: First Friday of every month at 12pm
LOCATION: Ministry Center Banquet Room 

DESCRIPTION: Loxley Seniors Group offers many monthly activities to build relationships and support for one another.  This group meets to enjoy lunch together. Bring a side or dessert to share. 


GROUP: Game Night
LEADER: Lennie Whatley   

DAY/TIME: Fourth Thursday of every month at 6pm
LOCATION: Ministry Center Banquet Room 

DESCRIPTION: It’s time to enjoy some fun, game time fellowship. Bring your favorite card or board game, a finger food to share, and a non-perishable food item to donate to Operation Care Food Pantry. 

GROUP: Loxley Worship
LEADER: Mike Middleton

DAY/TIME: Sundays as scheduled, Sunday afternoon 

LOCATION: Sanctuary
AUDITIONS: Contact mike@loxleychurchofgod.org for information 

DESCRIPTION: Do you love to sing or play an instrument? We invite you to use your gifts and talents in the music ministry.  


GROUP: Loxley Production Team
LEADER: Mike Middleton

DAY/TIME: Sundays as scheduled 

LOCATION: Sanctuary

DESCRIPTION: Do you enjoy technology? We invite you to join this team! This team helps with sound, lights, and media. 


GROUP: Loxley Photography/Creative Team
LEADER: Chelsea Middleton

DAY/TIME: Sundays and as scheduled

DESCRIPTION: Do you love taking pictures?  We’d love to showcase your creativity taking pictures of various activities on campus. 

GROUP: First Impressions Team
LEADER: Amy Causey

DAY/TIME: Sundays and Wednesdays as scheduled

DESCRIPTION: Friendly smiles and warm handshakes welcome everyone on our campus.  In the parking lot, at every door, and inside the buildings, we value every person. Join this team to share your smile with others! This team includes greeters, ushers, parking (golf cart), safety and medical.  

GROUP: Connect Team
LEADERS: PaulaAnn Campbell Buettner

DAY/TIME: Sunday 

DESCRPTION: We value every person! We know people have busy lives, but everyone likes to know they are noticed.  Join this team to meet new guests and help others always have a friend to connect.

GROUP: Loxley Kids
LEADER: Logan Click

DAY/TIME: Sundays and Wednesdays as scheduled.

LOCATION: Loxley Kids

DESCRIPTION: From 6 weeks to 6th grade, we teach children God’s Word.  The opportunity to share the love of God with a child is life changing! Serving in Loxley Kids is fun, motivational, and impacts a child’s life for eternity! There are many, various opportunities to serve.  All positions require a background check and training. There are IMMEDIATE POSITIONS available: nursery, preschool, group leaders and helpers, welcome team members for kid’s check-in, media, team leaders to supervise during the service, 5th and 6th grade leaders, and 1st service leader.   


GROUP: Loxley Students/Loxley College and Career
LEADER: Kevin Mills 

DAY/TIME: Sundays and Wednesdays as scheduled

LOCATION: Ministry Center Café and Gym

DESCRIPTION: Students, High school to College, crave people in their lives to encourage and inspire them.  Serving in Loxley Students, gives them positive role models that keep them going during life’s challenging moments.  



LEADERS: PaulaAnn Campbell Buettner 

DAY/TIME: Individually Scheduled and/or Group Time TBA 

LOCATION: Ministry Center 

CHILDCARE: Yes, in Loxley Kids 

DESCRIPTION: ENGAGE is designed to offer you the opportunity to learn what we’re all about at Loxley Church.  Sessions are covered in 4 consecutive weeks. The purpose of ENGAGE is for YOU to be fully engaged in loving, leading, and living in Christ. 






Leading a Group isn’t about being perfect; it’s about serving others by giving them a place to connect. Hosting a group is simple—choose a topic that interests you and select a time and location to meet with others to share it. Whether it’s reading a book, fishing, golfing, studying the Bible, cooking, sewing, exercising, playing with your children, eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, let’s invite others to join in.  We give you essential tools to make your Group successful through Group Leader Training. We believe people’s lives are changed one semester at a time by moving one step toward Christ, and as a Small Group leader you get to play an important role in that process.

A Group LEADER is
1.  Passionate about GOD and PEOPLE
2.  A person of CHARACTER and INTEGRITY
3.  Supportive of the VISION and MISSION of the church, in attitude, and attendance and giving
4.  Open to DIRECTION from your coach and leadership team
5.  COMMUNICATING with the group and leadership team

How do I BECOME a group leader?
1.  Attend & become a member of Loxley Church of God by completing Engage
2.  Attend Group Leader Training
3.  Complete the Leadership Application
4.  Agree to comply with the Leader Commitment and Honor Code
5.  Complete an authorized confidential background check (not a credit check)  


Sign up!